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November 2023 Newsletter

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Hello and Welcome

Firstly, thank you for your continued support for the NIA. This year has seen over 1700 referrals to NIA members via the NIA website, the successful Supply Chain Speed-Networking Day which gave you the opportunity to meet one-to-one with Tier 1 contractors and energy suppliers, our upcoming Parliamentary Reception, and more! Without your loyalty, this wouldn’t be possible. With that in mind, a friendly reminder, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to renew your membership of the NIA – it would be fantastic to see you return! If you would like to renew your membership, or if you have any queries about your membership renewal with us, please send an email to by the end of November. Renewal before this deadline will help us to plan next year’s programme.

Read on to hear about how our members benefitted from the fantastic Supply Chain Speed-Networking Event, as well as our exciting upcoming NIA events, with less than a month to go until the Parliamentary Reception. Discover how your voice has been represented via recent consultation responses and other interesting policy developments in the sector – make sure you’re up to speed!

Success at our Supply Chain Speed-Networking Event!

What a day! With over 100 attendees, 50 organisations and 300 one-to-one appointments taking place it was great to see such a buzz at the highly anticipated Supply Chain Speed-Networking Event at the Birmingham Council House on 6th November. There were lots of exciting conversations in the room throughout the day, with NIA members, leading Tier 1 contractors, energy suppliers and the wider supply chain.

You can read our reflection piece about the event here and watch the video to see what members got up to on the day!

Derek Horrocks, chair of the NIA, said: “This event was a well-planned opportunity to foster connections, collaborations and commercial relationships that are integral to delivering decarbonisation at scale.

“As our industry is so people-focused, taking the time to come together and invest time in one another is always beneficial. The positive response we have had speaks volumes of all attendee’s determination to lead our industry forward in the right direction and with the necessary ‘can do’ mentality.”

This is the first time this event has been ran, thank you to all the members who joined us to make it such a huge success! If you missed the opportunity to attend and would like to attend a similar event in the future, please email so we can determine interest.

Don’t miss out! Come along to the Parliamentary Reception next month

It’s the last chance to register for the unmissable annual Parliamentary Reception event, taking place from 7pm on Wednesday 13th December at the prestigious House of Lords, hosted by Lord Best. If you haven’t already, book your space here!

Collaboration across industry has been a key theme this year, widening the supply chain and fostering relationships. This event aims to provide another opportunity to collaborate across industry where you will meet over 150 attendees, including parliamentarians, civil servants and key stakeholders in the low carbon sector.

You will also hear from Lord Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors for the event, we really value your continued support!

We look forward to seeing you there to celebrate the hard work of the insulation and decarbonisation sector, as we look forward to how the industry and government can work together to achieve our shared Net Zero ambitions.

Representing you – our policy work and consultation responses

Invitation to ESNZ Committee session on Heating our Homes – 22nd November 2023

Thank you to those members who provided valuable input to shape and inform our response to the Energy Security and Net Zero Committee Call for Evidence: Heating our Homes. Off the back of this, the Energy Security and Net Zero Committee has agreed a plan for its Heating our Homes inquiry, and we are delighted that the committee has approached the NIA to participate in its first oral evidence session.

NIA Board Member and Chief Executive of InstaGroup, David Robson, will speak on behalf of NIA members at the committee, which will provide a scene-setting introduction to the inquiry, including discussion on past and current support schemes, the role of industry and policy options. The NIA will feature alongside other national organisations working in the sector.

Invite to attend Building Sector Roundtable – IEA UK Energy Policy Review – 23rd November 2023

NIA Chairman, Derek Horrocks, will be attending the Building Sector Roundtable, led by the International Energy Agency (IEA) as part of their In-Depth Review of UK energy policy. The IEA are keen to hear insights on the impact of current and planned government policies, key energy sector challenges and opportunities and how policies can be changed to address challenges / take advantage of opportunities.

In addition, you have been represented via three consultations in the last few weeks: the Scottish Government’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) reform consultation, the proposed amendments to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme Regulations and the Heat Strategy for Wales. Thank you to those members who provided valuable input which helped to shape and inform our responses.

Scottish Government’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) reform consultation – submitted 16th October 2023

This consultation sought views on EPC reform and included plans to reform domestic and non-domestic EPC metrics, the purpose and validity period of EPCs, the EPC format, and quality assurance procedures.

As a result of these proposals, EPCs would provide relevant and holistic information to interested parties to help them make informed purchase, rental and retrofit decisions. Ensuring EPCs show the right information is essential to inform decisions that support the improvement of our homes and buildings towards net zero.

The NIA agreed with the set of metrics that the Scottish Government proposes to display on the reformed EPC. The new set of metrics support the need to reduce direct heating emissions, the need to lower residents’ energy bills and tackle fuel poverty, and the need to ensure that the building fabric is as efficient as possible.

Please read our full response here.

Proposed amendments to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme Regulations – submitted 12th October 2023

This consultation sought views on policy proposals and the introduction of a range of proposed amendments to the existing Boiler Upgrade Scheme (introduced in 2022) Regulations.

We called for the current requirements for a valid EPC with no outstanding recommendations for loft or cavity wall insulation to be maintained. These minimum insulation requirements are vital to make sure that properties are ready for the transition to low-carbon heat. Removing these requirements would create a number of risks, particularly for consumers who may see increased costs and worse outcomes as a result.

Please read our full response here.

Heat Strategy for Wales Consultation – submitted 8th November 2023

This consultation sought views on the Heat Strategy for Wales, which aims to develop a decarbonised heat system to deliver on net zero ambitions.

The NIA responded to several sections of the consultation. The response reiterated that PAS 2035/2030 standards are crucial to ensure a high-quality, whole-building approach to retrofit and agreed that stronger regulation can support uptake of low carbon heat and energy efficiency measures.

Please read our full response here.

Get in the know – latest industry news!

Government Response to the Climate Change Committee’s annual progress report

The Government have responded to the Climate Change Committee’s annual progress report. In the Government’s response, they have noted they are partly or fully acting upon 85% of the CCC’s priority recommendations and are acting on the majority of the remaining 273 recommendations. However, they also state they are “determined to get the consent of the public to ensure net zero is achieved”. That means not taking forward CCC recommendations on policies that force families to make “costly and burdensome changes” to their lifestyles.

You can read the full response here.

Upcoming 2023 Autumn Statement – 22nd November

The 2023 Autumn Statement will be presented to Parliament on Wednesday 22nd November 2023. The NIA, in conjunction with the NHDG, have urged the Government to announce the release of the full £3.8bn of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund in the upcoming Autumn Statement, recommitting the Government’s net zero manifesto pledge.

Home Decarbonisation Skills and Training Competition: Phase 2 successful projects

Back in September 2023, Elliot Roofe from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) attended the NIA Insulation Intelligence Call to discuss how members can upskill their workforce by taking advantage of the Home Decarbonisation Skills and Training Competition funding. The page for the Home Decarbonisation Skills Training Competition has now been updated and most providers will now have a link for interested parties to click through and sign up for courses.

You can find out more information here.

Which? report ‘Priority Places for Insulation Index: Mapping the UK’s Home Insulation Needs’

New research from Which? has revealed the locations across the UK in greatest need of insulation upgrades as it calls for the government to provide better support for households living in fuel poverty and in urgent need of improved insulation.

You can read the full report here.