Strengthen the Voice of the Insulation Industry

Become a member of the National Insulation Association and join forces with businesses from across the insulation and energy efficiency industries – manufacturers, system designers, product suppliers, installers and other stakeholders.

Have your say on the key issues that affect you, your business, and your sector, including government consultations, energy policies/initiatives, technical standards and building safety in both the retrofit and new build construction sectors.

Help to drive higher standards of quality, professionalism and be provided with the latest information impacting the energy efficiency market to enable you to plan and maximise the opportunities available to enable your business(es).

Why Join Us?

In a word: influence. The NIA exists to represent your interests; to make sure that your opinions are heard on vital issues. When government or other agencies propose new regulations, standards, or funding mechanisms, we’re there to ensure that policymakers understand and respect the views of industry professionals: the firms that deliver and are making a difference on the ground.

Feedback from individual businesses can easily be dismissed by the bodies that set the rules. But, as an association that represents all aspects of the industry, the NIA commands attention from decision-makers at the very highest level. We routinely engage with government, accreditation bodies and other agencies, and our input encourages them to develop policies that are practical, realistic and focused on delivering better outcomes for all. We have also developed unique agreements and relationships for our members with key service providers. This includes associate members/partnering agreements, such as specialist software, H&S / legal advice, etc.

You can also use the NIA to develop new knowledge and a better understanding of emerging opportunities and funding mechanisms. This can all help to inform and improve your business development strategies.

We exist only to serve the best interests of our members. The larger that membership becomes, the more impact we can deliver.

The NIA membership represents professionalism and the best practice in industry, recognised by clients and stakeholders.

Benefits of Membership

We are committed to delivering added value to our members by providing a range of support services.

Policy Representation

Help to shape key policies impacting the insulation industry and contribute to the development of government strategy and initiatives.

Expert Guidance

Receive regular e-briefs and guidance. Keep up to date with industry news, policy announcements and changes to regulation.


Bid for important contracts. To promote higher standards, NIA membership is a new stipulation in many modern tenders.


Join exclusive events hosted by and for the NIA, including an annual conference.  Participate in member-led working groups and have your say on policy proposals, best practice guides and key issues facing the energy efficiency sector.

Business Referrals

NIA installer members are advertised on our popular online directory.

This helps customers find you and appreciate that you work to high technical standards recognised by government.

Associate Members / Exclusive Benefits

Take advantage of associate members/partnering agreements, such as specialist software and H&S advice. Have your work supported by our associate’s OFGEM / TrustMark approved guarantees. Make valuable new industry contacts. Early notice of innovative new technologies.

Membership Types

NIA membership covers all disciplines relating to professionally installed and suitably accredited insulation measures. Membership is open in the following categories:

New Start-Up

These organisations are those that have recently entered the insulation industry and must be supported by a current NIA member. Members can sit within this group for up to one year before they then become full NIA members.


Open to organisations and individuals who install and assess insulation in all its various forms, together with other related energy efficiency solutions.

Manufacturer / Supplier

Open to organisations that manufacture, supply and/or design approved insulation solutions for homes and businesses.


Associate members may be involved with the insulation industry in a variety of ways. Typically, they work with installers and suppliers to deliver improvements in quality and efficiency.

Home Decarbonisation Group

HDG is for organisations providing decarbonisation of homes at scale. The group is there to influence government, to share best practice, to scale up delivery and to shape and progress towards reaching government net-zero targets.

Annual Subscription Rates


Turnover under £2.5m
£995.00 + VAT = £1,194
Turnover £2.5 to £10m
£1,695 + VAT = £2,034
Turnover over £10m
£3,250 + VAT = £3,900

Manufacturer / Supplier / System Designer

Turnover under £5m
£2,500 + VAT = £3,000
Turnover £5 to £15m
£3,750 + VAT = £4,500
Turnover over £15m
£5,000 + VAT = £6,000

New Start-Up and Associate

£500.00 + VAT = £600.00

Home Decarbonisation Group

£5,000 + VAT = £6,000

Membership Policy and Criteria

All NIA members must commit to complying with the terms and conditions of our membership criteria, comply with relevant industry standards and work to the best practice guidelines.

Hear From Our Members

Any organisation working in the insulation industry should join the National Insulation Association. Together we can tackle the challenges impacting the sector and deliver a greater benefit to homes and buildings across the UK.

“Glascraft has been Providing Foam Insulation Dispensing Systems for 33 years. We are committed to Quality and Excellence of Insulation Installation & consider that Partnering with the NIA is essential to help Support Foam Insulation Installers attain the Highest Professional Standards.”

“As an industry leader in spray foam insulation, we at Lapolla UK&EU recognize the value of the National Insulation association and understand the importance of companies like ours being actively involved. The NIA provides something for everyone, regardless of a company’s size or location. From a safety, networking, relationships, education, and industry awareness perspective, NIA has something to assist you in your day-to-day business operations."

By participating in a working committee, we have the opportunity to shape and influence our industry moving forward. With open and fair forums, we are addressing current issues, fostering safer work environments, building future opportunities, and continually improving ourselves to be effective industry representatives with other leading spray foam manufacturers.

"Without this collective effort, our voice would not be heard. This alone has meant that the return on the investment has whole-heartedly been worth every penny!”

‘’Trust is most important in business and the best asset a company can manage, especially in relationships with customers, clients, employees, and stakeholders. Membership of the NIA demonstrates our commitment to upholding high standards as a reliable and honest company. In addition, it also creates awareness in the marketplace which is a key way to increase business interest. The NIA the team are easy to work with and very helpful.’’

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