Membership Application Form 2023/24


Joining the NIA as an Associate Member is one of the simplest ways for businesses supplying services to the industry to:

  • Raise their profiles
  • Expand their contacts
  • Share their thought leadership
  • Increase their knowledge of the UK insulation sector, and
  • Discuss the key issues affecting the industry.

Associate membership affords a wealth of knowledge and insights, and all for an annual fee of just £500 +VAT. And importantly, membership is corporate, meaning that as many of your colleagues as you wish can take advantage of the benefits.

If your business needs to talk knowledgably to insulation contractors, system designers or manufacturers – whether they are loyal customers or potential clients – joining NIA makes good sense.

Associate members may be involved with the insulation industry in a variety of ways. Typically, they work with installers and suppliers to deliver improvements in quality and efficiency.

The National Insulation Association welcomes associate membership enquiries from organisations involved in any of the following activities:

  • Property refurbishment, including PAS services (assessment / coordination / design) and project management
  • Supplying materials, tools and equipment used by the insulation sector
  • Providing professional services to insulation contractors, manufacturers and industry
  • Providing software and digital solutions to support the industry in implementing energy efficiency projects

We also welcome approaches from any public body interested in the development and deployment of energy efficiency, and from trade associations that are active in relevant sectors such as property management, heating and cooling.

Organisations falling outside of the above criteria are encouraged to contact the NIA secretariat (via the Contact Us page) before making an application.


Access expert knowledge

  Receive regular email updates with the latest news, views, and insights

  Participate in selected community calls with the insulation sector

  Join webinars on key issues affecting the insulation industry

  Invite NIA experts to present at your team and client events

Gain industry insights

  Understand the key priorities for our members – contractors and system designers/manufacturers – and the opportunities they present for your business

  Inform your presentations and proposals using NIA data and charts (simply credit the NIA)

  Attend our events in Parliament and around the country

  Contact the NIA secretariat team direct for their input to your research or reports

Raise your profile

  Contribute your content to the NIA e-briefs and newsletters

  List your company and services in our member directory

  Partnerwith us on with existing events or on exclusive events tailored to your business needs (additional investment required)

Please complete and submit this form together with the required evidence to ensure your application can be processed.

Any member wishing to apply in more than one category of membership must complete multiple applications (membership fees are per membership type).