Northern Ireland's Energy Efficiency Policies

Affordable Warmth Scheme

Fuel poor households in privately rented or owner-occupied properties in Northern Ireland can access support to install energy efficiency improvements to their home via the Northern Ireland Affordable Warmth Scheme. The Northern Ireland Housing Executive work with local councils to deliver the scheme.

Building Regulations

A reform to Building Regulations in Northern Ireland is overdue with the regulations last updated in 2012. The NI Energy Strategy outlines the Government’s commitment to “introduce an energy savings target, minimum energy efficiency standards for buildings and uplifted building regulations.”

Sustainable Energy Programme

The Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme is an £8 million fund collected from all Northern Ireland electricity customers through a Public Service Obligation (PSO). The fund is used to provide funding for energy efficiency schemes across Northern Ireland. 19 domestic schemes support householders to install a range of measures including cavity wall and loft insulation, as well as four commercial schemes.

Northern Ireland Energy Strategy

The NI Energy Strategy set out the Government’s commitment to place energy efficiency as a priority area going forward. Key proposals within the strategy included:

  • The introduction of a pilot domestic retrofit scheme by Spring 2022, followed by a substantive scheme as part of a “one-stop-shop” approach.
  • Set clear targets, standards and regulations that drive improvements in energy efficiency.
  • Provide consumers with support to invest in buildings and make changes to reduce their energy use.