Why Use an NIA Member

Quality Standards (PAS2030 / PAS2035)

Choosing an NIA member helps to ensure that all products, systems, and installations are delivered to a high standard, in line with industry best practices.

It’s a condition of joining us that each member adheres to best practice guidelines and commits to complying with all relevant industry standards. These standards, on retrofit projects, include PAS2030 and PAS2035 (see below), which are referenced in the government-endorsed TrustMark certification scheme.

Installer members also commit to undertaking regular training to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. Accordingly, work carried out by NIA members is generally eligible to be supported by OFGEM / TrustMark approved guarantees, as provided by our associate members.

Quality Standards (PAS2030 / PAS2035)

Since November 2021, compliance with the PAS 2035:2019 and PAS 2030:2019 standards has been mandatory for all companies installing energy efficiency measures under government-funded domestic retrofit schemes in England. This includes the Green Homes Grant Scheme Local Authority Delivery (LAD), Energy Company Obligation (ECO), the Home Upgrade Grant Scheme (HUGS) and Social Housing De-Carbonisation Funding (SHDC).

Collectively, the two PAS standards are designed to ensure that energy efficiency measures are funded and installed in line with industry best practices and a fabric-first approach. They are closely related.

PAS 2035:2019 is an overarching framework for preparing plans for domestic retrofit projects. A compliant process must begin with the appointment of a retrofit assessor, co-ordinator and designer, who seek to maximise the efficiency and value of any resulting measures. The designs must then be installed in accordance with the requirements outlined in PAS 2030:2019.

PAS 2030 is a certification standard for installations of energy efficiency measures. It sets out specifications that retrofit installers must meet.


Choosing properly certified products, systems, and installers offers numerous important benefits:

  • Compliance with public funding requirements
  • Greater quality control
  • Clear responsibilities and improved accountability
  • More efficient projects overall
  • Greater cost certainty
  • Economies of scale

Skills and Expertise

NIA members commit to regular professional development to ensure that their work – whether as suppliers, designers, installers or otherwise – and adhere to current industry best practices. These relate to a range of important factors, including technical standards, building regulations, skills certification (e.g. CSCS), health & safety and more. This, in turn, helps to uphold high-quality standards and deliver better value for money.


Certain products and systems will be supported by manufacturer warranties and/or by OFGEM / TrustMark approved guarantees provided by NIA associate members.

Products such as cavity wall insulation or solid wall insulation systems may be eligible for OFGEM / TrustMark approved guarantees. To apply for them, project managers need to be able to provide evidence that their schemes have been delivered to an appropriate minimum standard. Using TrustMark-accredited NIA members demonstrates this. The resulting guarantees can yield important safeguards and confidence for building owners and residents alike.

See our Useful Links page for details of insulation guarantee providers.

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