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Updated Government VAT Guidance

By April 12th, 2022No Comments

Updated Government VAT Guidance

From 1st April 2022 until 31st March 2027, a zero rate VAT applies to the installation of certain specified energy-saving materials.

The new rules, effective from 1st April 2022 in Great Britain, remove both the social conditions test and the 60% test for all installations of qualifying energy-saving materials in England, Scotland and Wales.

What Does This Mean?

Heat pumps and the installation of certain specified energy-saving materials with ancillary supplies are zero-rated in Great Britain. For example, installing loft insulation but having to cut a new loft hatch in the ceiling and making good to access the loft. The cutting of the loft hatch and making good is, in itself, a simple construction supply, but as the services have been carried out solely in support of the loft insulation, they become ancillary.

However, if you replace your existing roof with a new insulated one, the insulation clearly is a better way of enjoying the new roof and so the insulation is ancillary to the new roof. As the supply of the roof is standard-rated, this applies to the whole supply, including the insulation.

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