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NIA Members – E-Brief 23/01/2023

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NIA Members – E-Brief 23/01/2023

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to your first NIA update of 2023, which comes at the beginning of what is set to be an exciting year for the NIA and you as members! Read on for more information about the first Board meeting of the year and our new Insulation Intelligence Group engagement calls, which you are invited to. On the policy front, hear how our Policy Advisors James and Fiona got on at Number 10 Downing Street last week, as well as a summary of Scotland’s Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan, which is now out for consultation. Plus, lots more in this jampacked edition.

We hope you enjoy the update!

First Board Meeting of 2023!

The first Board meeting of the year took place on Tuesday 10 January. It was wonderful to see all the board members in person again to discuss and prioritise plans for the year ahead. Board meetings are vital to ensure that you and wider industry are best represented, and we thank all Board members for their valuable input to the productive session.

Your newest board members, Danielle Belton, Paddy Leighton, and Joe Kelly bring a wealth of knowledge in the insulation industry to the table, which you can read more about below.

Danielle Belton, Saving Energy UK:
‘Having worked in the Energy Efficiency industry since 2003 I have a wealth of knowledge from the ground up. I sit on a number of boards and committees helping to shape our vital industry. Since 2019 I have been active in Local Politics holding a number of positions at Town and District Level including cabinet member for Climate and Economy. I am very much looking forward to representing members of the NIA’

Paddy Leighton, Icynene:
‘I welcome the opportunity to represent the insulation industry as a Board member for the NIA. Having worked within the construction industry for the last 46 years, I’ve gained a broad depth of knowledge. My own construction business began in 2005 which branched out into external wall insulation, where I assisted the Insta Group to develop their own external wall insulation system, to now being more focussed on spray foam. Since 2014, I am the UK Distributor for Icynene (now owned by HBS), dealing with U value calculations, condensation risk analysis and offering technical advice relating to foam insulation on a daily basis.’

Joe Kelly, Baxter Kelly:
‘With a successful career in business ownership, I am keen to join the NIA Board and lend my support to the work of the association and sustainable growth across the insulation industry. Baxter Kelly have been members of the NIA for many years. They provide customers with a full range of energy efficiency solutions, working for individual homeowners nationwide along with construction companies, local authorities, housing associations, insurance companies and loss adjusters.’

The NIA Board, meeting on 10 January 2023

Invitation to Number 10 Downing Street

The NIA is pleased to be recognised for its busy involvement in helping to address the skills gap (more on this to follow in a couple of weeks!). Our very own James Higgins and Fiona Chestnutt attended an energy efficiency workshop at Number 10 on 19 January 2023. It was a fantastic opportunity for around 40 key stakeholders to discuss the supply chain challenges facing the energy efficiency industry. Working with government is vital to ensure that the supply chain is ready to meet increased future demand for energy efficiency measures, and it is promising to see this as one of government’s priorities. It was a great chance for NIA to put across the views of members and the insulation industry, and we will be sure to keep you updated with any outcomes.

Join our new Insulation Intelligence Group engagement calls

You are invited to join our new Insulation Intelligence Group engagement calls. It is important that the NIA represent you and your views, and that you are kept up-to-date with key topics from industry. These calls aim to improve your knowledge by hearing from experts in industry, and to provide you with an opportunity to share your views on some of the biggest issues and opportunities currently facing the insulation sector. They will be held online for 45 minutes and we look forward to seeing you there!

You will receive an Outlook invitation over the coming week to join calls on the following topics:

Government SHDF and HUG funding: what benefit will you see, and how to best make use of the opportunity, held 2 February 2023 12.00-12.45.
NIA members will hear from Ruth Richmond, BEIS, about the details of Government funding that is aimed to accelerate decarbonisation, along with further information to help NIA members be aware of their associated opportunities.

• PAS2035, ECO4 and ECO+ – find out more: how do these link together and what do you need to know? Held 1 March 2022 12.00-12.45.
Join the NIA and Rob Cartwright who will cover these key topics, presenting how industry can make the most of the opportunity they offer.

• Supply Chain Skills and Capacity – what does industry need and what solutions could meet the challenge, held 16 April 2023 12.00-12.45.
NIA members will hear from Ruth Richmond, BEIS, who is seeking to understand from Members what supply chain challenges are felt by industry, and what solutions they believe Government can help with.

If you have any questions, please contact

ECO+ Consultation – Our response on your behalf

Thank you to those who joined the constructive working group held in December to contribute to the ECO+ consultation, and to those who provided feedback. Your advice and insights helped to inform and enhance the response, which was submitted on 23 December 2022.

Please find a full copy of our consultation response here

If you would like to be made aware of future consultations, please join our Policy Group by emailing

Scotland’s Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan

The Scottish Government have released their Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan. The plan is currently out for consultation and the consultation closes on 4 April 2023. The plan sets out policy positions and a route map of actions that the Scottish Government will take to deliver a just transition to Net Zero.

On the energy efficiency front, the Scottish Government referenced several actions they are already taking, along with some future commitments, to help improve energy efficiency nationally. These actions include:

Bringing forward a new Heat in Buildings Bill to regulate energy efficiency and zero direct emissions heat in buildings.

Investing over £1.8 billion in decarbonising homes and buildings, through Heat and Energy Efficiency Scotland, over the course of this parliament.

➢ Publishing a Public Engagement Strategy for Heat in Buildings in 2023.

Introducing a Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme in 2022/23 to help people afford the upfront cost of energy efficiency upgrades. This includes enhanced support for rural off-gas households.

Dedicating almost £9 billion for environmental sustainability and the net zero transition though the 2021-22 to 2025-26 Infrastructure Investment Plan.

Providing capital to support green industries and the green jobs associated with them via their £100 million Green Jobs Fund.

➢ Mandating that all local authorities in Scotland must publish Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies by the end of 2023 and update them every 5 years.

The Big Loft Insulation Drive

Our partner One Home is leading the Big Loft Insulation Drive, in conjunction with the Energy Savings Trust and Trustmark, to help people insulate their loft, save money on energy bills and keep the heat in this winter.

You’re encouraged to raise awareness of this worthwhile campaign to share the importance of a properly insulated loft. Please see some information from One Home below about how you can support the campaign.

Members may use One Home’s partner toolkit shared folder to help share the campaign. It includes template messages, graphics, and a fabulous video for social media. If you wish to use social media, you are encouraged to use the hashtag #KeepTheHeat.

If you’re supporting the campaign or would like further information, please email

Join our policy mailing list

NIA members are vital to help shape our consultation responses. If you would like to receive draft consultations for you to provide your input, please email