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NIA News – E-Brief : Liz Truss appointed as Prime Minister, summary of her policy positions.

By September 7th, 2022No Comments

Liz Truss has officially been appointed Prime Minister with 57.4% of the vote.

Here is a brief email summary of her policy positions (specifically on decarbonisation, net zero and cost of living) followed by a timeline of upcoming events.

What does Liz Truss say regarding decarbonisation?

  • Truss has announced interest to enforce a temporary moratorium on the green energy levy, and has indicated support to lift the ban on fracking, offshore oil and gas developments. She is expected to issue up to 130 new oil and gas drilling licenses in the North Sea. She has shown interest in investing in new nuclear, and furthermore so with her likely Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng who is supportive of new nuclear projects like Sizewell C.
  • Although there have not been any comments on hydrogen policy, Truss has shown support for hydrogen blending within the gas network
  • She has criticised the use of onshore wind and solar power as part of the UK’s energy mix. It has also been reported that her Government will consider capping the price at which wind and solar energy can be sold into the UK grid by produced, with aim of restraining rising costs

And her opinion on Net Zero...

  • Truss has pledged to maintain the commitment to Net Zero by 2050 and is highly supportive of new UK developed technologies and manufacturing related to Net Zero.
  • She has shown interest to review the EU’s habitat directive and develop stronger Britain-focussed biodiversity targets.

And finally, what does Truss say about the cost of living?

  • Cost of living has been considered a key priority and her team is working with officials to make an announcement ahead of October.
  • Truss has shared her intention of a temporary moratorium on the green levy for two years however, she has not committed to matching the spending.
  • In the past week, it has been widely reported that Truss is planning to freeze energy bills. However, it is unclear what this entails. This may include eliminating VAT or extending the existing household handouts.
  • Beyond this, Truss has not provided concrete details of her plans to address the cost of living.

A Timeline of Government’s Upcoming Events

With so much going on, please see the below summary of the upcoming government events.

6th September
Her speech today will provide insight of new government priorities
Appointing of cabinet and senior departmental ministers

7th September
Further ministers to be appointed

11th September 
All ministers to be appointed

Before 2nd October 
A fiscal event to address cost of living and energy challenges

2nd October to 5th October
Conservative Party Conference

17th October
Parliament returns in full following party conferences

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