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SWIGA AGM Invitation – Birmingham – 31st March 2022

By April 11th, 202221 Comments

NIA members are invited to the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency’s (SWIGA) latest event on 31st March 2022 at the Westmead Hotel, Birmingham.

The NIA and SWIGA have recently been collaborating together with BEIS on several topical solutions, such as PAS 2035 (regarding the below damp proof course, DPC, and potential verge trim solutions), potential finance issues of retrofitted properties such as insurance and mortgage issues. We have also joined up to provide BEIS with input on the design and implementation of LAD, HUG, SHDF, and ECO4.

It would be fantastic to see you all at this event in person and help grow our collaborative efforts with SWIGA.

Please email by 21st March to make sure you are allocated a space.

If you’d like to get in touch with your thoughts, or if you have any questions, please contact us at or call us on 012171664558. 


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    SELMA, Ind. Wapahani gymnasium was the perfect place it could happen.

    Matt Luce on Friday earned his 300th career victory and 250th with Raiders boys field hockey, A milestone fittingly celebrated in the place he called home for the last 15 years.

    the casino craps game itself, A 71 42 conquer Randolph Southern, Wasn rrn particular memorable, Yet the final buzzer sent the crowd into great like celebration. Luce entire family distributed No. 300 just about every other, Remembering the journey as the city showed its appreciation with applause, Signs and rocking pep band songs.

    “When I look back I think of his dad, I look at my wife, jessica, And I think of all the kids that I been lucky enough to get along with and have a small influence on their life, Luce told me. “ahead of game, I was reflecting and searching at our pictures on the wall. I lucky to offer the job that I do and have a community that cares about kids and cares about athletics and basketball, And doing materials right,

    Wapahani boys basketball head coach Matt Luce celebrated his 300th career win at Wapahani twelfth grade on Friday, jan. 21, 2022.

    Luce and his family live and breath Wapahani sports. His family ties to Selma stretch far beyond just was the last 15 years, since well, As his parents graduated Selma graduation in 1963 and his dad started the area youth basketball program.

    Luce is also the teachers athletic director, A Raider to your core, And just as Luce has enthused so many young players lives, Wapahani has shaped his or her own family world.

    He greater proud that his oldest son, came, And freshman son Nate have both contributed to particular team many wins.

    “My son Drew was 1 year old when we won our first game. as well as Nate and Megan and Emily, My boy twins, and additionally Lauren, That all they seen. They known me as the coach and we think about games on Friday night, That that which you do, they go to dad games, Luce assumed. “It about by using lives. throughout the last 15 years I been able to grow as a person and as a coach and raise my family. We dwell here, We live in the neighborhood and all five of my kids will be Wapahani graduates and I proud of that,HUDSON 300: Hudson motorola milestone phone week: 300 is victorious, Makes Delaware County contest history

    Wapahani (11 3) Hasn had a losing season and maintain won four sectional and Delaware County titles under Luce. Talented players have come through his program just like numerous others, But a major part of the Raiders success has been Luce and his staff dedication to youth development.

    300 wins is fun for a single night, Yet Luce and his staff were up the next morning refereeing junior pro tennis, Which been occurring for 46 years at Wapahani, And hiring kindergarten through fifth graders to teach them the game.

    besides Wapahani youth program produce high school ready players, It also familiarizes the kids with what Raiders basketball will be focused on. Star sophomore Isaac Andrews said the adjustment to varsity basketball was made easier by already knowing Luce, And the trust factor was established a long time before the first practice.

    “We pride us on a program, Luce being said. “We feel like this is Indiana field hockey. It about small communities joining hand-in-hand on a Friday night, girls and boys, And just enjoying the kids and the way they act,

    Wapahani girls basketball coach Scott Hudson, Who earned his 300th win on friday, Has coached throughout state for over 35 years and known Luce for much of his career.

    Hudson coached boys prior to joining the Raiders and achieved success both as a player and sideline leader. To it, It no accident Luce has attained so much success.

    applicable: Midseason statement: East Central Indiana graduating boys basketball prepares for postseason

    “I been different places in the state and coached, And shiny Luce, to start with, Is first category. But the boys program at Wapahani is a amazing program, Hudson celebrity fad. “It better than 95% of programs in the state of Indiana, At all ratios. He a employee. It really just an honor in order to really work with him, And I love enjoying television their team play,

    The two are pals, And Luce modest Lauren plays for Hudson, So sharing their 300th wins in the same week has been a special suffer.

    “There very few schools in the condition of Indiana that have two 300 win coaches together, Luce suggested. “i think it be a memory that we share forever,

    Wapahani head coach Matt Luce coaching against Blue River throughout their game at Wapahani High School Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021.

    Three men inspired Luce to train: His biological dad, Brian Dudley and robert Keller.

    Luce dad coached baseball and ball for most of his life, As well taught chemistry and math, So Luce will be around a leader. Dudley and Keller coached Luce in baseball and tennis, Respectively, into Wapahani.

    All three impacted Luce life radically, Making him want to do the same for an additional generations.

    Luce might find that 300 wins went by fast, But he remembers those seemingly continuous practices and grind it out games as well. He wouldn industry a minute of it, rustic, handcrafted lighting, As Wapahani and the Luce family will almost allways be intertwined.

    “It hard to believe I 48 years old, Luce had to talk about. “It been a huge part of we live and our kids lives, And I don think it works as well without my partner and wife involved and my kids involved. It means a lot to me that they here and a part of it.

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    In localised Spillville, Get out and generate your legs at Bily Clocks Museum, Where you can view a wide collection of elaborate, Hand carved timekeepers designed by two eccentric brothers. The tributes to jesus, Charles Lindbergh and American leaders may be on the kitschy side, But i am not saying you won’t be wowed by the craftsmanship. As an extra bonus, You can pop upstairs for a training on composer Antonin Dvorak, Who spent our summer of 1893 in this house, Eager to escape the limelight.

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