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The National Insulation Association (NIA) represents the manufacturers, system designers and installers of all professional insulation solutions for UK homes and businesses.


Strengthening the Voice of the Insulation Industry

Become a member of the National Insulation Association and join forces with businesses from across the insulation industry, and have your say on technical standards, building safety, retrofits and new build construction.


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The National Insulation Association represents the insulation industry in the United Kingdom.

We are a dynamic organisation, spearheading the future of insulation and serving both our members and consumers alike with first class expertise and knowledge. Our members include manufacturers, system designers and installers of insulation solutions for your home or business. Both the NIA and its members are fully committed to maintaining and raising standards within the insulation industry.

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We are committed to helping your business and the wider insulation industry succeed.

Policy Representation

Help to shape key policies impacting the insulation industry and contribute to the development of government strategy and initiatives.

Expert Guidance

Receive regular e-briefs and guidance. Keep up to date with industry news, policy announcements and changes to regulation.


Bid for important contracts. To promote higher standards, NIA membership is a new stipulation in many modern tenders.


Join exclusive events hosted by and for the NIA, including an annual conference.

Participate in member-led working groups and have your say on policy proposals, best practice guides and key issues facing the energy efficiency sector.

Business Referrals

NIA installer members are advertised on our popular online directory.

This helps customers find you and appreciate that you work to high technical standards recognised by government.

Associate Members / Exclusive Benefits

Take advantage of associate members/partnering agreements, such as specialist software and H&S advice.  Have your work supported by our associates’ OFGEM / TrustMark approved guarantees.  Make valuable new industry contacts.  Early notice of innovative new technologies.

We welcome all associates of the insulation industry to join us

Any organisation working in the insulation industry should join the National Insulation Association.

Together we can influence policy and standards, maximise opportunities, tackle the challenges impacting the sector and deliver a greater benefit to homes and buildings across the UK.

NIA membership is open to organisations such as retrofit professionals, charities, trade associations, component suppliers, industry stakeholders, membership service providers and more.

Hear what our members say

"InstaGroup Ltd are proud to be a member of the NIA. It is good to have a voice on important aspects such as quality, standards and how to move the industry forward. We look forward to progressing the relationship and the impact all the members are having."

“We have found being an NIA member has resulted in new work opportunities being presented to the Group through the positive recognition of being a member. The NIA also provide us, on a consistent basis, with the latest information and developments within the insulation industry and wider energy efficiency sector, and have comfort that we are well represented on Government and Policy Steering Groups, that unquestionably influence at the highest levels for the benefit of insulation Installers/Manufacturers/Suppliers.”

At Kingspan, our mission is to accelerate a net zero emissions future, with the wellbeing of people and planet at its heart. What defines us is our relentless pursuit for better building performance whilst being Planet Passionate in everything we do.

"Recognising that the path to net zero, and to meeting and sustaining our climate goals will be challenging, we are proud to be members of the NIA, working closely with those who design and deliver the solutions that are needed to deliver upon those aims."

“We are members of the NIA as we are passionate about finding energy efficient solutions for homeowners to help them save money on energy bills. A well-insulated house increases the energy efficiency rating of the property, which is beneficial long term, and it’s also environmentally friendly as it reduces your home’s carbon footprint. Please get in touch with us and we can help to ensure your property is correctly insulated. ”

Latest News from the NIA

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Understanding Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation stores the heat within the inner walls, bouncing it back into the room and holding it for longer.

Solid Wall Insulation

If you live in a home with solid walls, 45% of your heat is escaping through the walls which is costing you money.

Loft Insulation

As much as a third of the heat you pay for could be escaping through your roof. It’s an easy way to save money.

Draught Proofing

Draught proofing is one of the most inexpensive and effective energy efficiency measures for the home.

Spray Foam Insulation

Polyurethane (PU) Foam helps to reduce heat loss so reducing your energy bills.

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