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Please find below a list of installers for your specific postcode, please note that the installers are listed to appear with the closest first on the list and go backwards from that point showing the furthest last. Please also note that if you are emailing an NIA installer from the links below a copy of the email will be sent to the NIA as well as the installer, please note that all information contained within the email is treated with the strictest of confidence by our Association.


Green Deal Scheme

This is the Government's flagship scheme to increase the energy efficiency of all homes in the UK.

The Green Deal is a new way to pay for a number of energy-saving home improvements which include Loft, Cavity and Solid Wall Insulation.

The Green Deal Home improvement Fund works through the Green Deal framework to maintain quality standards and ensure consumer protection.

Green Deal Advisor/Assessor

A Green Deal Advice Report is a property assessment that analyses the current energy performance of your Home and recommends what energy efficiency measures are suitable to be installed.

Green Deal Installer

Only an authorised Green Deal Installer can install energy efficiency improvements under the Green Deal Scheme. Green Deal Installers will install energy efficiency measures that have been recommended on an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) or a Green Deal Advice Report.

Green Deal Provider

If Green Deal Finance is required, this can only be accessed through a Green Deal Provider. A Green Deal Provider will create a Green Deal Plan and Finance options for your Home and guide you through the process. They will also arrange for Green Deal measures to be installed.