Cwrt Y Bedw

A new housing development designed with first-time buyers and families in mind.

Situated in one of the most desirable postcodes in Wales, Cwrt Y Bedw is a collection of 82 two-, three- and four-bedroom homes, including 19 affordable homes, being constructed by Persimmon Homes West Wales.

With an intimate village location, and easy access to both Swansea city centre and the region’s beautiful coastline, the properties are ideal for young professionals and families.

Therefore, it was important that the properties were not only modern on the inside, but also showcased the most cutting-edge technologies within the building fabric to ensure they are as energy and cost efficient as possible.

"The Kingspan Kooltherm K108 Cavity Board provided the technical solution we needed to easily secure a compliant level of thermal performance, within a standard cavity depth, at an economical price." - Carl Davey - Construction Director, Persimmon Homes West Wales

Part of our new Kooltherm K100 range, the lightweight Kingspan Kooltherm K108 Cavity Board is safe and easy to cut to size using a fine-toothed saw or a sharp knife, and features a fibre-free phenolic core with an outstanding thermal conductivity of 0.018 W/m.K. This excellent performance enabled the housebuilders to meet the target external wall U-values, without moving away from preferred cavity sizes.

460 m2 of Kingspan Thermapitch TP10 was also installed on the slated pitched roofs of the new homes, providing a high thermal performance of 0.022 W/m∙K

"Our site teams found the product clean and easy to install and we were impressed with both the product’s features and the quality of the installation we have achieved at the Cwrt Y Bedw scheme." - Carl Davey - Construction Director, Persimmon Homes West Wales


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Kingspan Kooltherm K108 Cavity Wall Board and Thermapitch TP10


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