Cold Homes Loophole – National Insulation Association Respond

Cold Homes Loophole – National Insulation Association Respond


Cold Homes Loophole – National Insulation Association Respond

The National Insulation Association have responded to the recent cold homes loop article from 10:10 Climate Action Insulate Network published that could see vulnerable tenants hit with £1bn energy bill, it was also published by the Guardian here. Here is what the NIA had to say regarding household performance and the energy consumption situation:

Much of the support for households living in fuel poverty through Government schemes and the Energy Companies Obligation to date has been focussed on social housing (Local Authority and Housing Association properties).  As a result there are now a disproportionate number of fuel poor households in the private rented sector that lack adequate insulation.  For example some 40% (nearly half a million) fuel poor households in England that need solid wall insulation are in the private rented sector.

Installation of Insulation

These new regulations have the potential to significantly improve the lives of tenants living in cold draughty properties and it is therefore essential that the new regulations result in the physical installation of insulation measures that will make a difference and exemptions are kept to a minimum – a number of things can be done by Government to enable this:

  • Introduction of a minimum capped level of expenditure to ensure all lower cost insulation measures are completed.
  • Confirm that new private green deal finance options will qualify as funding for landlords with top ups from Government where necessary to ensure all measures are carried out.
  • Ensure that the new Energy Company Obligation due to be introduced in October 2018 provides significant funding support for insulation measures in the private rented sector including higher cost solid wall insulation.

NIA and National Landlords Association Partnership

In addition, to help landlords to meet the new regulations, the NIA and National Landlords Association have partnered up to provide members of the NLA with access to NIA Insulation Installers to carry out the work through the installer postcode locator on our website