Complaints Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to assist consumers who have a query in relation to the workmanship or service that has been carried out by a member of the National Insulation Association.

All members of the Association adhere to our Code of Professional Practice and aim to work to the highest standard of customer service required by our Association in order to provide customer satisfaction.

The National Insulation Association are unable to resolve complaints between consumers and a member company directly, but will mediate between both parties to obtain a satisfactory resolve.

Should any consumer need clarification on this procedure or any other issue in relation to Association business then they should directly contact the Association on 01525 383313.


All complaints received by the NIA will be dealt within the strictest of confidence. Where there is a requirement for information to be shared with other parties involved within the complaint permission will be sought from the complainant prior to any information being disclosed.

All complaints are logged within the Association and will be issued with a unique complaint identification number; this number will be used on all correspondence for efficiency and ease. Any future correspondence from any party should quote this reference number.

In order to properly investigate any complaint it is important that the complainant sends through all relevant information, including correspondence between parties, pictures, quotations etc.

The Association will aim to resolve all complaints within an acceptable time frame. However, in certain circumstances this timeframe may not be possible due to the nature or complexity of the complaint, in such a situation then the complainant will be made aware of this and updated as to the progress of the issue.

How To Complain

In order to make a complaint to the National Insulation Association, consumers should:

Write to: National Insulation Association, The Incuba, 1 Brewers Hill Rd, Dunstable, LU6 1AA.


Telephone: 01525 383313

Fax: 01525 854918

Complaints Handling

The NIA on receipt of a complaint will initially direct the complainant to the member company involved, to provide the member company with an opportunity to rectify the situation directly to the customer’s satisfaction. At this stage any correspondence between the complainant and member company may be copied to the NIA for company records.

The member company has a two week period in which to respond to the complainant, if the complaint is unable to be rectified to a satisfactory level, the NIA will then mediate between the complainant and member company in order to agree a solution which is satisfactory to both parties.

The NIA aim to resolve complaints within an acceptable timeframe; however this is not always possible. If a complaint goes over the 14 days the NIA aim to resolve the complaint as soon as possible and all parties will be kept updated at the various stages via telephone or written correspondence.

Once a satisfactory decision has been reached, written correspondence will be sent to both parties. The file within the Association will then be marked ‘closed’; however it will be kept on file and where necessary can be reopened upon the request of either the member company or the complainant.

On the very rare occasion where a complaint is unable to be resolved satisfactorily via mediation, the support and advice of the NIA Council may be sought in order to reach a final decision. The Council decision will be final.


The National Insulation Association regularly report on the level of complaints received on a monthly basis. These reports are assessed by management and Council to ensure that the Complaints Procedure is effective and if any further training or action needs to be taken.

Such reports will not contain any confidential information relating to individual cases.


If you have any feedback on how your complaint was handled by the National Insulation Association, please contact:


Write to: Complaints Handling, National Insulation Association, The Incuba, 1 Brewers Hill Rd, Dunstable, LU6 1AA.

Any feedback received by the Association will be dealt with confidentially.