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NHIC Press Pack Spring 08 - Grants Release

Release Date 03 March 2008

It's a commonly-held misconception that insulating a home can be a costly process which takes years to reap financial rewards. The National Insulation Association (NIA) has set out to reveal the truth about how inexpensive it can be and how quickly it can pay for itself.

The first step for householders should be to find out what financial assistance they’re entitled to through the wide range of grants which are available not only from the Government, but also through local authorities and energy suppliers. These grants can significantly reduce the cost of improving the energy efficiency of the home via insulation of walls, lofts and by draught proofing – typically by around 50%. Additionally, those who are on benefits and people aged 70 and over could even qualify to have their home insulated for FREE.

So what are the benefits of insulation? Aside from protecting against energy wastage and the associated environmental impact, householders will enjoy an immediate costsaving. Cavity wall insulation can shave around £90 off the average annual bill and loft insulation another £110 per year, so it's easy to see how quickly installation costs can be recouped. By taking advantage of the available grants, home insulation can pay for itself within less than three years and from there on will provide many years of savings – a welcome boon in the current climate of ever-increasing energy prices.

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA said ‘People may believe that it's time-consuming and difficult to find out which grants are available, meaning that they put off finding out what they're entitled to. However, it's really as simple as picking up the phone to their local NIA installer.' By using an NIA member, householders are not only employing a fully qualified installer who is bound by a strict code of professional practice but also an insulation grant expert who can advise them on the range of support available and how to apply. Not only that, NIA members will advise the householder on the most appropriate and efficient method of insulating the home, ensuring the best possible return for their hard-earned money.

With the help of the NIA, it’s now easy to banish the winter chills and make homes truly energyefficient. To find a local NIA approved installer, access information on grants available and learn more about the benefits of insulation, visit


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