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Help combat Fuel Poverty with home insulation

Release Date 24 February 2015

To highlight Fuel Poverty Awareness Day and the Nation’s Biggest Housewarming event on Friday 27th February 2015, the National Insulation Association (NIA) is advising householders to insulate without delay.

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day is a nationally recognised event organised by National Energy Action to promote the issue of fuel poverty and the importance of ensuring vulnerable people are warm in their home. Last year 18,000 more people died in the winter months and around 30% are estimated to be due to living in cold homes and millions have to make the choice between heating and eating due to high energy bills. The only permanent solution is to make UK homes much more energy efficient.

Maria Wardrobe, Director of External Affairs at NEA said: "I would like to thank the NIA for supporting Fuel Poverty Awareness Day and the Nation’s Biggest Housewarming event. Insulating your home is one of the ways you can help to reduce your energy bills at a time where fuel poverty is at crisis levels. As more organisations and individuals become involved in the campaign, the energy efficiency message spreads further; helping ensure more vulnerable people receive the help they deserve."

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA commented: "Home insulation is the most cost effective way of saving on domestic energy bills. Around 60% of heat can be lost through uninsulated walls and roofs; but with the right measures put in place, householders could be making significant savings on their energy bills.

"By installing Cavity Wall Insulation savings of up to £250* per year can be made and £250* per year from Loft Insulation. Draught-proofing windows and doors can save between £35 and £50* per year and when installed with other measures will greatly increase the comfort in a home. The savings are even greater for insulating solid walls up to £460* per year!

"The first step to a warmer, more energy efficient home is to contact an NIA installer member who will carry out a free survey and advise on any grants or schemes available to those in Fuel Poverty to help pay for the insulation. Householders will also have peace of mind knowing that an NIA installer has signed up to our Code of Professional Practice."

To find a local NIA member, householders and landlords should visit the NIA website or call 08451 636363.

* Based on a detached gas heated house, with an 81% efficient gas boiler and average gas tariff of 4.21p/kWh and electricity tariff of 13.52 p/kWh; Figures from Energy Saving Trust and valid for 2014.


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