Press Release:
Energy Review could go further

Release Date 13 July 2006

The Government's Energy Review contains some useful and positive steps, but also a lot of missed opportunities, says the National Insulation Association.

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA, said: "We're pleased the Government has recognised that energy efficiency and insulation are the most cost-effective ways of addressing the nation’s future energy and carbon-saving issues, but we believe the Review could have gone a lot further."

A particular area of concern to the NIA is that there was no announcement of energy efficiency schemes for small and medium sized businesses along the lines of the Energy Efficiency Commitment for domestic energy users.

"Despite this omission and other incentives which could have been considered, we believe this Review has a lot to commend it," added Neil Marshall.

"Measures such as improving the guidance that accompanies Building Regulations and the commitment to maintaining an obligation on domestic energy suppliers to fund energy efficiency measures until at least 2020, will be welcomed by everyone involved in the insulation industry."

NIA represents the manufacturers and installers of cavity wall, loft insulation and draught proofing, and other innovative solutions for insulation. It is the definitive voice of the UK insulation industry with respect to household insulation.


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