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Insulation ranks top for savings according to EST

Release Date 21 March 2013

Insulation savings have topped the energy saving measures chart according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and with the average household dual fuel bill now totaling £1420 per year, the National Insulation Association (NIA) is urging householders to think smart and insulate now.

Internal and External Solid Wall Insulation came top with possible savings of £460 and £490 per year respectively. Below is a table showing the possible savings for each energy saving measure and the amount of carbon it could save*:

An astounding 58% of heat can be lost through uninsulated walls and roofs; but with the right measures put in place, householders could be making huge savings on their fuel bills. The Energy Saving Trust reports that by simply installing Cavity Wall Insulation savings of up to £140* per year can be made and £180* per year for Loft Insulation. The savings are even greater for insulating solid walls up to £490* per year!

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA, commented: “Home insulation is the single most effective method of saving money on domestic energy bills, with savings continuing year on year!

He added: "By installing insulation householders will also be protecting against future energy bill rises. Energy bills are predicted to be about £600 higher in 2050 if the UK relies increasingly on gas compared to what we could have with low carbon energy, according to the Committee on Climate Change."**

Householders are advised to contact an NIA member today who can advise them on the most appropriate and efficient method possible of insulating their home.

To find out more, or to contact their local installer, householders should visit the NIA website on or call 01525 383313.

* Based on adding cavity wall insulation (CWI) (saving around £140 per year) and loft insulation (LI) of 270mm (saving around £180 per year). Savings based on an uninsulated three bed semi-detached gas heated house. Figures from the Energy Saving Trust.

** Estimated savings if an uninsulated home installed Solid Wall Insulation (SWI) (saving of around £475) and Loft Insulation (LI) (saving around £180) to the recommended depth of 270mm - based on a three bed gas heated semi-detached house. Figures from the Energy Saving Trust.


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