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Don’t let the cold weather bite!

Release Date 21 January 2013

With extreme wintry weather hitting the UK the National Insulation Association (NIA) advises that it’s never too late to reap the benefits of home insulation. With the cold snap predicted to last another month with record low temperatures householders don’t need to sit and suffer if they act now a warmer more comfortable home could be enjoyed in no time at all.

Just as the body quickly loses heat in cold weather without adequate clothing; un-insulated roofs and walls are losing more than 60% of a home’s energy. With soaring energy bills and further increases on the horizon, householders should really question whether they can afford to allow this alarming rate of heat loss to continue; after all you wouldn't put the heating on and open all the windows.

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA, commented: "Home insulation is the single most effective method of saving money on domestic energy bills, with savings continuing year on year! By simply installing cavity wall and loft insulation, savings of up to £310* per year can be made. The savings are even greater for insulating solid walls and lofts up to £635** per year."

For peace of mind, householders are advised to always use a qualified installer. By using an NIA member, householders are safe in the knowledge that they are not only employing a company which is bound by a strict Code of Professional Practice but also someone who can advise them on the most appropriate and efficient method possible of insulating their home.

To find a local NIA installer member, householders should visit the NIA website or call 08451 636363.

* Based on adding cavity wall insulation (CWI) (saving around £135 per year) and loft insulation (LI) of 270mm (saving around £175 per year). Saving based on an uninsulated three bed semi-detached gas heated house. If a property has 50mm of loft insulation then a combined saving for CWI and LI would then be around £185 per year.

** Estimated savings if an uninsulated home installed Solid Wall Insulation (SWI) (saving of around £460) and Loft Insulation (LI) (saving around £175) to the recommended depth of 270mm - based on a three bed gas heated semi-detached house. If a property has 50mm of loft insulation then a combined saving for SWI and LI would then be around £510 per year.


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