Press Release:
Climate change bill welcomed

Release Date 29 October 2007

The National Insulation Association welcomes the new improved and strengthened ‘Climate Change Bill’ set out by the Environment secretary, Hilary Benn.

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA said ‘We look forward to continuing working with Government to ensure every home in Britain is adequately insulated, this will significantly reduce carbon emissions’. ‘There are nearly 9 million homes with cavity walls that are not insulated and around half of the existing housing stock requires insulation to reach a thermally efficient standard. The insulation industry has the expertise, technology and capacity to meet the requirements for treating these homes’.

‘Measures such as green mortgages, council tax rebates and grants which encourage energy efficient homes should be introduced by Government. Insulation is a highly cost effective measure; cavity wall insulation for example can save the average householder £130 - £160 per year as a result of reduced energy bills.’

NIA members have to meet strict guidelines and have all signed the NIA’s Code of Professional Practice, ensuring that they provide the highest possible service. More information on the benefits of insulation is available at: together with a search facility to find a local installer.


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